Friday Family Bake Night #3 – Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Bake #3 brings us to our first bread – a whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread. No yeast, no kneading – just quite a bit of honey and applesauce (to sweeten), cinnamon and raisins, and, of course, all the bready stuff (flour, eggs, and co.)

Bake #3 – Cinnamon Raisin Bread (recipe)


Folding the batter




Cinnamon Raisin Bread!


Friday Family Bake Night (#2) – Strawberry Pie

For round two of our bake night, we decided to pick some strawberries together at a local farm and make a strawberry pie. While we were preparing it, we made a spontaneous decision to use the remaining strawberries to make jam as well. Trust us, it was an excellent decision.

Bake #2 – Strawberry Pie (recipe)… and jam


Picking strawberries!




Collecting strawberries for the pie


These will go on top


Making the strawberry whipped cream




Very light and creamy


Now, on to the jam


Mixing with the sugar


Rolling boil


Strawberry jam!


School Poems

The air in study hall was thick with the smoke of pencils,

Scribbling to find fire on the page, ten teenagers

Looking for love in the smile their words might make.


Over in the library, some have rolled their sleeves,

Bent over a row of screens,

Their hurried breaths gyrating the pinwheels of their poems

As their fingertips clicked like cleats on the pavement of their laptops,

Letters dripping on documents,

A thousand rain drops on an old tin roof.


I walked past the boy on the steps with a halo of reverb

Plugged in from ear to ear, connected to a phone synced to his heart,

Drumming his palms against his knees like his life

Had been lived only for this moment, the wild abandon

Of one who’d learned to walk the plank

As the pirates of passion loomed behind him with their thick beards

And blades sharpened

As if to say, “Rock this one out or you’ll sleep in the ocean.”


The girl in the courtyard crooked one leg behind the other,

Curling her fingers around her phone in the cold

Like she knew the next message he sent would make her warm.

So she bubbled her poetry in blue, mailed it on the airwaves, and waited for his ellipses,

Three dots in Morse before three words she longed to read.


Down the hall, the kindergarteners knelt outside their classroom,

Upturning waxy bags of crayon and a dozen safety scissors,

Peeling the ghosts of Elmer’s glue from their palms

As they told their parents they loved them

With a red construction heart and a firm crease in the center,

A greater declaration of devotion than any sonnet could ever sing.


So I kept walking briskly in the air of this century

Where people still write poetry, breaking pieces of their body

Like bread for summer swans

And pressing them deep into a dozen syllables,

The friction of pounding feet and chattering teeth

As they toss their own words into the rushing waters of time.

Friday Family Baking Night (#1)

So, the Huff house is beginning a new family tradition together: a weekly baking night every Friday (or, if Kristen is off, Saturday) evening with the whole family in the kitchen. It is our Friday Family Baking Night.

Kristen and I have been watching The Great British Baking Show together and wanted to try new baking recipes with our daughters as a fun evening every week. Happy is the home that smells of cookies, yes? 🙂 There is nothing better than a home full of laughter, feasting, and deep joy, bringing glory and praise to the Lord through fellowship and good food. That is our aim, and this is our first bake:

Bake #1 – Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookies (recipe)


Mixing the dough…


Set to cool…


Soft, mild, yet very flavorful butterscotch chocolate chip cookies!