Laughter and Virtue…from a dear friend.

Veni, Vidi, Risi

Welcome to Veni, Vidi, Risi!

My name is Colton Guffey and I am a teacher at Providence Classical School in Rock Hill, SC. Here I will reflect on life as a disciple of Christ, a classical educator, an appreciator of popular culture, and a man who has been given the gift of laughter.

In my classroom I have two iconic pieces of decoration. The first is a Minotaur skull. Yes… a Minotaur skull. I am a modern day Theseus. Okay, maybe I didn’t really slay a Minotaur but that is the story I tell my students. I teach classical studies and Greek history and mythology are a part of the curriculum. My purpose for this piece was that every time they see the head hanging on the wall they would reminded of Theseus and his quest into the labyrinth. My second piece of decoration is my Star Wars poster. I…

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